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Compact Yarn

Compact Spinning is basically designed to control those protruding fibers (uncontrolled fibers) which have become the part of the yarn but have no role in the yarn formation and ultimately no contribution to yarn strength, but rather an adverse effect on subsequent processes.

After passing through the normal drafting system, the fibers are entered in to the condensing zone, which is equipped by the suction system.In this zone, maximum free & protrudeing fibers becomes parallel & condensed. Immediately after this condensing zone, this fibrous bundle is twisted in normal & conventional style.

The yarn achieved in this way has better & uniform yarn formation, and better strength & elongation. The advantages of Compact yarn as compared with conventional ring yarn are:-

  • Increased yarn Strength & Elongation:
    Due to better-controlled & uniform fibers in yarn the strength & elongation of yarn is increased by 20% then that of conventional ring spinning even on low twist

  • Reduction in yarn Hairiness:
    As the yarn enters in to front roller nip after the condensing zone for twist insertion, due to the better spinning triangle, the ends down rate is reduced significantly which ultimately reduces fluff in spinning dept & vice versa.

External comparison of package

As maximum number of fibers become parallel & uniform after passing through to condensing zone the hairiness value is reduced about 20 ~ 25 % then that of normal spinning.

Increase in productivity:

  • Less twist & high spindle speed.
  • Less ends down rote due to better spinning triangle.

Advantages in subsequent processes

  • Reduction in sizing cost:
  • Improved Dyeing:
  • Increased efficiency of loom & knitting machines;
  • Ultimate Solution for Spirality
  • Improved Wear ability
  • Reduction in Singing Cost
  • Exquisite Fabric Feel



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